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A Key Component For Your Enterprise Information Management System

Today's business climate is characterized by velocity and change. In the new economy it is recognized that information and, more importantly, knowledge is one of the keys to opening the way to new opportunities. Organizations are moving fast to deploy business solutions that maximize the value of enterprise knowledge assets. They are looking for ways to increase competitiveness, restructure business processes, simplify information access, retrieval and analysis, and, above all, capitalize on the idea of transforming raw information into meaningful intelligence.

Managing The Convergence of Technologies

Beyond providing a query, analysis and reporting functionality, business intelligence solutions offer organizations the ability to capitalize on legacy data from multiple sources, transform it into consumable information that can be shared securely throughout the enterprise - providing the tools users require to find, share, manage, publish and further analyze that content.

Business Intelligence meets the varying needs of users with four key products:

BI Query is an enterprise ad hoc query and reporting application that allows the user to pose questions about data and communicate the results in meaningful reports.

BI Web is a web-based solution that provides full query, reporting and OLAP capabilities.

BI Analyze is a desktop OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) application for multi-dimensional analysis of data, enabling users to find answers to complex business questions.

BI Server is an enterprise application server that provides security, scheduling, distribution, notification and centralized administration services, facilitating business intelligence deployment across the organization.




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