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The Collaborative Content Management Environment
for your Enterprise Information Management System

Organizations today are generating documents with increasing velocity, and gaining control over information isn’t optional. With requirements to boost productivity and corporate competency while fostering information sharing, companies are imperiled if they don’t adopt a framework to catalog, manage, and share documents across the corporate enterprise and beyond to customer, supplier, and partner constituencies.

Without the appropriate tools, content stores are islands of information where employees are often privy to only the documents they create themselves. Searching across departments and offices – from corporate legal to technical engineering to customer correspondence to records, or from New York to London to Tokyo – can be a daunting if not impossible task. As a result, documents are continually reproduced and recreated, knowledge is forever lost, and costs climb ever higher.

Influence Tomorrow Based on Today's Content Resources

DM transforms document-based electronic information into knowledge assets with an enterprise-ready platform that facilitates the capture, sharing, and protection of corporate content resources. User queries are easily executed across global DM repositories, enabling users to find and control documents and easily distribute them for review, collaboration, and publication with project teams inside and outside the traditional corporate landscape.

Our DM Administrators are well equipped to manage their content infrastructure, able to rapidly configure the DM environment, customize the repository structures and forms, import legacy content and metadata, integrate applications, deploy user interfaces without visiting workstations, and manage document retention and storage disposition.

For additional resource information, please visit our Records and Document Management Resource Centre.




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