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Reducing Time-to-Knowledge Across Your Enterprise Information Management System

Eighty percent of an organization’s business content is unstructured — information in files, messages, memos, reports, and proposals created in different formats and stored in many locations. This flood of information begs to be put in context — to be filtered through and be made available to those who need it in a format that is meaningful to them. Only then will the full value of organizational knowledge assets be realized. Add to this the need to include structured data — from business systems, CRM and ERP packages, legacy data stores, and custom databases — and the challenge deepens.

The need to manage ever-increasing amounts of information is critical. In today’s harsh economic climate, information and intellectual capital are the keys to generating new and lucrative opportunities. Hummingbird KM includes all the tools that organizations need to nurture the culture of what is known as the knowledge enterprise

Building the Knowledge Enterprise

Hummingbird KM™ provides individuals and teams with the unique ability to fuse information repositories with sophisticated information retrieval and cutting-edge content analysis tools. It allows them to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of an organization to accelerate innovation, speed time to knowledge, and sharpen competitive advantage.

Hummingbird KM dramatically improves the way organizations manage their knowledge assets. It allows users to conduct single, unified searches across multiple unstructured information sources including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server, Web sites, file repositories, document management systems, multimedia libraries, and more. Additionally, structured data sources like databases and enterprise operational systems are also indexed to provide a truly amalgamated result set.

Flexible and Customizable Solutions

With a comprehensive toolkit for building, supervising, and managing organizational taxonomies for administrators and an intuitive interface for users to conduct searches and analyze results, Hummingbird KM is easily customized for the enterprise and personalized for the user.




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