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The Secure Records Management Environment
for your Enterprise Information Management System

The flood of paper and digital documents in global organizations can drown the best information infrastructures. Gaining control is only the beginning, as the next step is the difficult task of deciding if a corporate file should stay or go. Whether to meet government guidelines, regulatory requirements, or legal procedures, creating rules around the duration of digital content can generate more questions than answers.

Legacy record management schemes focused on the control and movement of paper – documents within file folders within binders within boxes. But how are the volumes of information electronically generated – from office suite applications to email and fax systems to forms, PDF, and web site content – added to records practices? How can all users across an enterprise have instant and appropriate access to records without a singular custodian acting as the gatekeeper? And how does the gatekeeper gain more time to vigilantly guard corporate assets while spending less time processing access requests?

Discover Answers to Content Lifecycle Questions

RM creates an organized, secure environment to manage the complete lifecycle of all physical and electronic corporate knowledge assets - from creation to ultimate disposition. Users can quickly categorize documents for retention using intuitive web and Windows interfaces that also let them easily search for, share, and safely access protected records. And the scalable infrastructure provided by Hummingbird DM ensures that the system is consistently available so that users can accomplish their content-related tasks.

RM Administrators rely on extensive security features that defend against unauthorized access at folder, document, group, user, and file plan levels. With records protected appropriately for use and retention, their caretakers can then focus on strategic custodial functions such as executing global classification changes, conducting quick physical inventories with barcode printing and scanning, and automating the disposition process.




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