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The Hummingbird Collaboration Environment For Your Enterprise Information Management System

Working together on project teams, communities, or as part of workgroups is an essential element of business today. With the dynamic and shifting economic climate, organizations are looking to collaborative technologies to help streamline business processes. Web-based, document and project-focused collaborative environments can help reduce costs, optimize commerce chains, generate opportunities through improved relationships with partners and customers, improve efficiencies, and enhance productivity.

Creating the Boundless Enterprise with Hummingbird Collaboration

Today more than ever, coordinating teams comprised of not only staff from across departments and regional offices, but also a growing number of required project participants from partner, supplier, client, and other stakeholder organizations across the globe presents unique challenges. Multiple time zones, high travel costs, increasing complexity of business projects and the processes that surround them, and other logistical barriers are all contributing elements. One enabling solution organizations are looking at to overcome these obstacles is a Web-based team collaboration environment. The answer is Hummingbird Collaboration. The powerful document-, project-, and process-centric capabilities of Hummingbird Collaboration allow for global virtual teams to be formed, access and roles to be controlled, discussions to develop around key issues, tasks to be tracked and managed, and, most importantly, collective knowledge to be captured and retained for immediate competitive gain and future use. The superior security model of Hummingbird Collaboration ensures internal system integrity while providing a delegated authority model for both team leads and administrators to control permissions and access to every element of a project.

Collaboration in Context

Using Hummingbird Collaboration, organizations can provide a highly secure, intuitive environment for project participants to publish, store, control, distribute, and share content. A value-add environment to Hummingbird DM, the industry leading multi-tiered document management solution, and Hummingbird Portal, the complete, secure, and customizable web-based workspace for managing and integrating applications, information, and resources throughout the enterprise, Hummingbird Collaboration offers all the functionality and tools required for leveraging the entire range of enterprise content and applying them for improved team working.




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