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The Root Technology For Your Enterprise Information Management System

Today’s business climate is characterized by velocity and change. In the new economy it is recognized that information and, more importantly, knowledge is one of the keys to opening the way to new opportunities. Organizations are moving fast to deploy business solutions that maximize the value of enterprise knowledge assets. They are looking for ways to increase competitiveness, restructure business processes, simplify information access and retrieval, and, above all, capitalize on the idea of transforming raw information into meaningful intelligence.

Managing The Convergence Of Technologies

Beyond providing a unified view of information sources, enterprise portals are seen as the “hub” of a convergence of multiple, complementary information management solutions, including document and content management, information search and retrieval, knowledge management, team collaboration, workflow, and business intelligence. Essentially, the portal will be the secure, personalized, and centralized access point to all enterprise content and applications, as well as the tools users require to find, share, manage, publish, and analyze that content.

Delivering On The Promise of Enterprise Portals

Portal is an ideal solution for organizations looking for a solid platform for building a solution that not only integrates existing enterprise content and applications, but incorporates the tools for better accessing, managing, sharing, and understanding them. Hummingbird leverages its experience and proven capabilities in content and document management, business intelligence, host access and network connectivity, collaboration, and data integration to integrate demand-driven functionality and create a highly secure, fully customizable Web-based workspace that truly delivers on the promise of enterprise portals.




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