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As an ASP, Projek provides management services along with the delivery of secure remote applications over the Internet. These services combined with the applications delivery are part of Projek's Applications Management Center (AMC).

Our goal as an AMC, is to bring to the forefront of the Real Property Industry these services so that you as our client have more time to focus on business functions rather than on connectivity. The management of the applications alone is not enough for our clients, so we deliver the best applications to finish the job, applications such as Projek Collaboration and Projek DM.


Monitoring the performance, reliability, security, and availability, provides our clients with the knowledge that the applications, systems, and infrastructure are checked more often than regularly.

By setting operation standards, we set the parameters on things like routine preventative maintenance and the management of patches, giving our systems regular "health checkups" to help prevent disaster.

Using an enhanced security model that not only monitors the security at the network level, our systems are protected by fire and theft at the physical level. Our systems are literally in a vault!





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