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Project Management

PROJEK DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT INC. specializes in the building development industry. Founded in 1982 to provide development, planning, design consulting and construction services to small and medium commercial clients in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Since that time, we have expanded our services to include Project Management, Planning & Budgeting, Design Consulting and Working Drawings, Construction Management, General Construction, Facilities Management and Design Build for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional buildings.

PROJEK manages building development from conception to completion and beyond, provides technical consulting services and can advise you about the many aspects of project delivery. As a construction manager, PROJEK can complete commercial, institutional and residential projects on time and on budget. Our hands on construction role, coupled with in house technical design capability, gives PROJEK a solid advantage in offering you both broad and in depth experience and ensures that the construction are practical and of high quality.

PROJEK's goal is to work closely with you and other industry professionals to take the mystery out of the building development and facilities management process with the aim to promote improved services at lower costs.

PROJEK's over riding objective for each project is to ensure that the performance of the finished product fully meets your expectations. Therefore, our focus is on helping you to develop a realistic vision of your project and to work with you on its evolution. To ensure that the completed work is both functional and durable, we subscribe heavily to the use of proven new technologies in either materials, methodologies or technologies.

Project Management consists of the comprehensive management of all aspects of project development from conception to completion of construction and commissioning. The complexity and cost of a construction project require efficient management to ensure that there is adequate control of manpower, time and expenditures. The Project Management concept involves the implementation of all functions necessary to achieve this objective efficiently while permitting you the degree of control necessary to incorporate your wishes and preferences.

PROJEK can relieve your responsibility for providing a team to deal specifically with the design and construction of a new facility or renovation to an existing facility.

PROJEK under your authority is able to act as your agent to enter into contracts and make commitments on your behalf with the responsibility to make the day-to-day decisions that are required.

Project management is the comprehensive and rational development approach to building and involves the expertise and insight applied to all stages of project development from conception to completion. The principal qualifications to be taken into account when selecting a Project Management Team are extensive training, experience, knowledge, and expertise in the construction industry and in design, including the capability to manage all aspects of a construction project.

PROJEK offers worry free, total project management services. We ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget, to specifications and to your intended performance level. Project Management services provided by PROJEK include but are not limited to:

  1. Defining your requirements
  2. Assisting in arrangements for financing
  3. Selection of Designers and Consultants
  4. Conceptual Design and Planning
  5. Budgeting and Cost Controls
  6. Project Accounting
  7. Scheduling
  8. Reporting and Maintenance of Records
  9. Operational Procedures
  10. Preparation of Design and Contract Documents
  11. Procurement and Expediting
  12. Selection of contractors and contract awards.
  13. Construction
  14. Quality Control
  15. Commissioning
  16. Project Publicity and Public Relations

PROJEK's objectives in Project Management are to co-ordinate and control, through the application of proven management and computerized techniques, all aspects of the project, and to produce a well-constructed facility which meet your needs and requirements for function, schedule and budget.




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