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Planning & Budgeting

"a dream without a plan, method of attack and resources lacks the necessary tools for success..."

PROJEK provides qualified expertise in the determination of the full and real potential of your development. Our support for this phase of development ensures that you are aware of all planning and budgeting issues inherent in your proposed development project.

At the onset of your project, you will require a preliminary strategy, supporting budget and drawings for presentation to potential investors, your financial institution, your accountant and legal advisor, for recommendations and assistance in evaluating your business directions.

We provide services for :

  • Site selection
  • Site and building feasibility reports
  • Supporting documentation and drawings
    • site plans, site potential evaluations
    • land severance, zoning variance and amendment
  • Potential development analysis
  • General planning
  • Building feasibility reports
    • building Inspections, needs identification
    • scheduling of the entire construction process
    • pre engineered building selection
    • architect and design consultant selection
    • contract strategy analysis.

We provide services for :

  • Estimate reports
  • Site work budget reports
  • Servicing cost reports
  • Renovation budget reports
  • Upgrade costing reports
  • Local government fees and development charges budgeting

PROJEK provides accurate and complete construction and budget estimate reports for you to track the construction process. These reports provide a means for you to control planned costs and planned expenditures for the project.

Generally the Planning and Budgeting phase of project development is a complex one. PROJEK's extensive expertise in this area can help you to realize your objectives.




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