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Real Property Project Delivery Over the Internet

Projek, having spent thousands of man-hours in the trenches realizing the processes and management information needs in Design, Procurement and Construction, has taken their Project and Construction Management skills and combined them with their IM / IT / Web computer skills to develop a Project Delivery Over the Internet Service.

Our Project Delivery Over the Internet Service for Building Design and Construction Teams centralizes the management of project drawings, documents, schedules and communications between All The Members Of Internal and Extended Project Teams.

Our Project Delivery Over the Internet Service was designed specifically to save organizations the cost and headaches of integrating traditional and web based software applications and provides them with One Single Point of Responsibility for Service.

Key Components of our Project Delivery over the Internet Service:

  • Web Portal: a PRIVATE / INTERNAL web site
      Private Intranet / Public Internet combination designed to be used within the confines of an organization
      - Provides dynamic project collaboration
      - Provides a gateway to corporate / institutional information.
  • Information Management: for the TEAMS eyes-only
      Electronic document sharing promotes new ways of collaborating and allows knowledge based valued decisions
      - Provides an enterprise wide repository of information (documents, drawings, Cad files, schedules)
      - Provides authorized access to selected information via the Intranet that makes internal and external communications simpler
  • Issues Management: a new way of WORKING
      Ensures timely responses to RFIs, submittals, transmittals and meeting minutes
      - Provides reports on submittals and issues that are critical and will affect project delivery
      - Tracks Contract documents and latest revisions including pending and approved changes
  • Multi-Project Management: A change in APPROACH
      Teams across the hall, the street or across the country through the web portal can:
      - Work together by contributing ideas to the project throughout the entire project delivery process
      - View and annotate documents, drawings, CAD files and project schedules.

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